About our Company

Our Value Proposition

Lightstream8’s Unique Value Proposition is delivering and implementing "Disruptive, State of the Art", or proven solutions that will be strategic to the business and aid them in their journey towards Digital Transformation. These practical solutions will not only help them achieve lower operating cost and lower Total Cost of Ownership but also provide the agility the business requires and allow them to adapt quickly to rapid changes in their respective markets.

Our Team

Our Team has over 100 years of combined experience with different expertise, and each team member has extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of technology.

Arturo L. GenerosoSenior Board Adviser

Grace JovellanoFinance & Admin Head

Marielle L. MicoIndustry Manager (FSI)

Jhervin TeodoroSenior Solutions Architect / Chief Information Security Officer

Roniel ChristianProfessional Services Delivery Manager

Dennis L. GenerosoBusiness Development Manager & Special Projects