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Data Erasure

Blancco, the world's most certified data erasure company, addresses end-of-life data sanitization throughout your workforce, operations, and data centers. Blancco delivers software-based data erasure that eliminates data from end-of-life servers and loose drives for safe and sustainable reuse, whether your firm relies on one or more private data centers, colocation services, or the cloud. Active files, virtual machines, and logical storage area networks are also covered to provide greater data center security. Erase data from desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and loose drives, as well as removable media, for confident data security, increased return on technology investment, and decreased e-waste, allowing for safe redeployment, recycling, and resale, and leased or RMA equipment returns. Targeted, active environment erasure also allows you to strengthen enterprise data management rules, lowering responsibility and risk.

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