Lightstream8 Corp. is a trusted next generation solutions provider. We offer a wide variety of highly-developed software solutions particularly virtualization, cloud computing, cyber security and IT infrastructure that would allow your business to compete better and adept in achieving a transformation of your business towards digital transformation. Our solution architects and engineers will help to vamp up your operations and save your business with well-founded and accurate solutions and services.

In the Digital Age, where Information Technology is at the forefront of enabling the business, organizations should have the ability to make business decisions and make strategic changes at will in order to stay competitive. This is predominantly driven by the fact that customers are able to make informed decisions because information is readily available and accessible. Companies will have to constantly evolve and be in the position to anticipate market shifts that the business should be able to capitalize on. This would only be possible if row of information across the organization is seamless, up-to date, secure, and always available on real-time basis.

Lightstream8 (LS8) is an organization whose objective is to provide solutions which will address these business needs to companies that aim to compete in the digital space. The team is made up of IT professionals with a combined experience of more than 80 years in the areas of Technical Design & Implementation, Solutions Architecture, IT Consulting Business Development, and Marketing & Sales.

The board's collective experience spans across multiple industry segments such as telecoms, Financial Services, Real Estate and Manufacturing. LS8's aggressive sales strength relies heavily on technical competence, and relationship development with key people in the organization backed by strong pre- and post-sales support. LS8 aims to give its clients the ability to respond to customers' demands and faster by providing them with best-of-breed, practical solutions that simplify and allow their system architecture to be more e cient. This makes the business more agile, allowing them to capitalize on opportunities brought about by rapidly changing market dynamics. This is complemented with dedicated after-sales support to ensure that our solutions deliver the bene ts that the businesses deserve. Our solutions ensure that the information is secure and properly managed as it ows through the organization. The solutions allow our customers to process, analyze information as they come, and make the necessary decisions to adapt, and be more responsive to constantly changing customer demands.