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Securely Erase Sensitive data

Erase Data Across Every Asset


Scalable WLAN Controllers Supporting Up to 30,000
WI-FI Access Points


Identify potential issues and quickly resolve it before it happens and providing you an easily accessible data whenever and wherever you need it, enabling you to make business decisions at speed of light.


We implement the strictest standards to protect all categories of information from theft and damage and promote information security. Rest assured your data is totally safe and secure


Our solutions are backed up with excellent implementation and after sales support capability, satisfying even the most stringent customers.

Our Values

Lightstream8's Unique Value Proposition to its customer is to deliver and implement disruptive solution that will enable them to achieve operational efficiency, maximize existing IT investment, provide faster response time allowing the business to be agile enough and be responsive to the demands of its target market.

Our sole purpose is to be able to respond to customers demand for a faster, more efficient, and practical solution that would allow them to process and analyze information as they come and make the necessary decisions to adopt, and be more responsive to rapidly changing market dynamics.

Professional Services

Design & Architecture

● Data and Compute Node Infrastructure
● Cybersecurity Infrastructure
● Cloud Infrastructure (Private)

IT Technical Consulting & Integration

● Data Privacy Impact Assessment
● Cyber Security
● Network Infrastructure Design and Integration

Data Migration

● Storage Migration and Consolidation
● Storage Virtualization and Cloud Transformation

IT Managed Services

● Server, Storage and Cloud Maintenance and Administration
● Network and Application Management and Monitoring

Other Services

Configuration & Optimization of Data Compute Node

IT Infrastructure Maintenance & Administration

Backup and Recovery

Products and Solutions


As technology continuously empowers the world, businesses need to adapt to the latest technology in order to be part of this digital era. With robust IT infrastructure, it is valuable in one business in reinforcing the overall effectiveness and its security. Creating multiple virtual servers on a single real server could help your business to be ever ready for any opportunity.

Data Security

When it comes to data security, individuals, procedure, and technology all play a significant role. To meet the security of the data, Data Security is comprehensively designed to safeguard information transmitted each day at all phases. With Lightstream8 Data Security, we will provide you an exemplary technology that can identify and analyze your data, detect, and prevent leaks, and secure data including both at rest and in motion.

Network Management

With Lightstream, it will be easier to manage network traffic and data flow across the company ecosystem using network monitoring, network security, network automation, and other on-premise or cloud-hosted applications. By upgrading the management of multi-vendor DNS and DHCP from the service level to the architectural level, we provide value and efficiency for our customers through increased security, sophisticated automation, and more simplicity.

Omnichannel Marketing Platform

Omnichannel marketing allows businesses to provide customers with a seamless experience across all touchpoints. The right message, delivered at the right moment, can then be delivered by the team to the customer. Lightstream provides module modifications, reconfigures data integrations, and rolls out custom platform enhancements in order to assist businesses in promoting their products and services across all channels, devices, and platforms with unified messaging, cohesive visuals, and consistent collateral. Additionally, our omnichannel marketing solutions will make it less of a hassle to collect feedback on your experiences, check the progress of support tickets, respond to questions from the team, roll out individualized features, and find ways to improve efficiency and productivity during large-scale campaigns.


Lightstream8 offers data virtualization software that serves as the gateway between several, diverse data sources. It allows your business to access, integrate, virtualize, and synchronize data from a wide range of applications and systems to improve business intelligence, analytics, exceptional customer experience, and operational efficiency.

Data Erasure

Businesses, both public and private, today have a vested interest in protecting their data, adhering to a variety of data protection rules, making the most of their resources, and adopting environmentally responsible procedures-all within the context of a tangled portfolio of IT assets. As a crucial aspect of data lifecycle management, secure data deletion ensures that sensitive information is never compromised. Any company's data controllers and auditors need reliable, well-structured solutions for controlling data deletion at regular intervals. Maintaining security compliance, saving time, money, and reducing the risk of leakage can all be accomplished by the periodic automated deletion of unused and unnecessary files. With Lightstream, businesses can effortlessly manage cloud and data migrations, targeted erasure within active networks, and end-of-life device erasures, all while staying ahead of cyber threats and compliance.

Renewable Energy

Together with our trusted solution partners, Lightstream8 provides integrated renewable energy with a variety of Photovoltaic (PV) and other smart energy solutions which help to commercialize and promote continuous innovations and other development.

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We really would like to run our company in a way that not only satisfies but also goes above and beyond the expectations of our clients, business associates, shareholders, and creditors, as well as the local communities where we do business and society at large.

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Lightstream8 Corp.

Lightstream8 Corp. was established late in 2016. The company's objective is to provide solutions that will address the business needs of companies that are on the digital transformation journey and those that are beginning to compete in the fast- paced digital space.

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